Online Media Specialist Diploma

Career Description

Nationally and regionally, the industry is in a dramatic growth period with the explosion of internet and mobile delivery options. Organizations are increasingly turning to web-based video conferencing for corporate communications. Video content has become the de facto form of communication in business. According to Minnesota State CAREERwise, the outlook for editors, producers, directors, graphic designers and social media directors is for high growth between now and 2026. Our focused approach to hands-on learning at Central Lakes College ensures graduates will be positioned appropriately for successful entry into the industry. Careers include Freelance Videographer or Camera Operator, Editor, Media Specialist, Multimedia News Journalist, Independent Filmmaker, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Streaming and Webcasting Manager, Video Specialist.

Program Information

For students who want the full videography and social media learning experience, this 3-semester diploma is a perfect fit. The entire Social Media Producer track is completed in the first year, followed by one semester of advanced videography courses. CLC Videography is designed to simulate an actual production environment creating content for all media entities. We have a large client base demanding high-quality online social media content. Our students produce authentic videos for actual clients on a regular basis. Then they learn to distribute visual content in current online platforms for marketing purposes. The curriculum emphasizes lab-based learning in a predominantly online environment. Many courses can be taken entirely online, while others include intensive in-person workshops. Classes have flexible lecture schedules and labs can be performed remotely. Our goal is simple to prepare students for entry-level careers in new media.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

  • Apply knowledge in script writing, camera operation, sound recording, editing, and production design for video applications; 
  • Utilize contemporary video production equipment and software for videography and social media platforms; 
  • Create visually artistic motion graphic designs for all types of programming; 
  • Develop an understanding of basic marketing principles adaptable to social media distribution; 
  • Create content specific to social media marketing; 
  • Analyze and apply appropriate lighting techniques for all types of media;  
  • Encode video files for distribution to broadcast, web, and digital recording; and, 
  • Apply protocol and safety in video production working environments.

Special Program Requirements

In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the following conditions in order to graduate

  1. College Cumulative GPA Requirement cumulative grade point average (GPA) of credits attempted and completed at CLC must be at least 2.0;
  2. College Technical Core GPA Requirement cumulative GPA of credits attempted and completed towards the technical core of the diploma or degree must be at least 2.0;
  3. Residency Requirement students must complete 25% of their credits at Central Lakes College.

Employment Statistics

For more information regarding employment statistics, career salary information and estimated job growth, follow the resource links below


Program Course Requirements

Semester One (15 credits)
BUSN 1166  Business Communications, 3 cr
1146  Video Graphics, 3 cr
MUSC 2414  Advanced Audio Productions, 3 cr
1110  Video Editing Workflow, 3 cr
VPRO 1114  Camera Operations, 3 cr

Semester Two (16 credits) 
BUSN 2116 Social Media Marketing, 3 cr
GDES 2128 After Effects, 3 cr

VPRO 2106 Social Media Production, 4 cr
VPRO 2114 Online Content, 3 cr
VPRO 2116 Advanced Field Methods, 3 cr

Semester Three (14 credits) 
BUSN 2101 Business Entrepreneurship, 3 cr
MUSC 2413 Introduction to Pro Tools, 3 cr
VPRO 2104 Video Productions, 4 cr
VPRO 2350 Videography Internship, 4 cr


Program Instructors

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