Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Central Lakes College and Minnesota State Board Policy 2.9 require that all students make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, diploma or certificate to remain in good academic standing. The college believes that students are responsible for their own academic progress and for seeking assistance when experiencing academic difficulty. Central Lakes College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) impacts students’ financial aid and registration statuses.

In summary, the SAP policy requires the following:

Students must maintain a cumulative/overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 and a cumulative/overall completion percentage of all courses (including transfer credits) of 66.67%. Students who do not meet both of these cumulative measures are placed on academic warning after one semester and suspended after the next semester if unable to meet the two cumulative measures. Review your transcript in E-Services to see your cumulative grade point average (GPA) and to calculate your completion rate. You can also use the GPA and Academic Progress Calculator.

Appeals Process
Central Lakes College has developed an appeal process for students who are unable to maintain satisfactory academic progress due to extenuating circumstances. The deadline to appeal is three business days prior to the start of the particular semester in which the student would like to be reinstated. See the registration events calendar for more information on the appeal deadline.

Appeal Criteria
The following criteria will be used as the basis for an appeal:

  • Student injury or illness that required a prolonged absence (A doctor’s statement is required as documentation)
  • A death in the immediate family (Documentation required)
  • Military call for active duty
  • A change in circumstance for those returning to college after an extended absence
  • A well-developed academic plan for success

Appeal Information
The following questions must be answered within the appeal and written at college level without spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors:

  1. What were the circumstances that caused your suspension?
  2. What is your career plan or why are you attending college?
  3. Please provide a detailed plan for your academic success along with support systems you have in place to ensure that success.
  4. What will you do differently to ensure your success?

Appeal Submission
All appeals and documentation must be submitted electronically. If you have questions related to your appeal or need help completing it, contact an advisor.

Appeal Evaluation

Appeals must meet the standards in all areas for the appeal to be approved:

  • Reason for Suspension/Infraction: The student has a clear understanding of why the student was not successful in the past and what circumstances led to the suspension. Extenuating circumstances were present at the time.
  • Request: The student’s request and timeframe are reasonable. The student submitted an appeal with adequate time to prepare to return to school.
  • Plan for Success: The student provided a clear plan which is likely to lead to success. Clear academic and career goals are provided and are reasonable for the student’s circumstances.
  • Support: The student has reached out for support from instructors, advisors, support staff, family, friends, and other professionals and has documented these efforts.
  • Documentation: The student provided adequate documentation which supports the student’s assertions and/or claims in the appeal. For PSEO or transfer students, the student attached supporting transcripts.
  • College-level Writing: The student wrote the appeal using college-level writing so that there are no grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.
  • Complete Appeal: The student adequately completed all sections of the appeal and attached supporting documentation to the appeal.

Appeal Results
Students will be notified via email of their appeal results. If an appeal is approved, the student will be placed on probation. At the end of the probationary semester, students will again be reviewed to determine if they meet the 2.0 cumulative GPA and 66.67% cumulative completion percentage to return to good standing. If the student is unable to meet the two cumulative measurements after the probationary semester, the SAP process will look at the probationary semester measurements. If the student earned a 2.5 grade point average and 100% completion rate during the probationary semester, the student will continue in probationary status. It often takes a student multiple semesters to get back into good standing (i.e. by meeting the two cumulative measurements of 2.0 cumulative GPA and 66.67% cumulative completion percentage). Therefore, students in probationary status can remain on probation (even if they don’t meet the two cumulative measurements) as long as they meet the semester measurements of 2.5 GPA and 100% completion.

If a student’s appeal is denied, the student may complete another appeal for the next semester. In addition, the student may use the secondary appeals process to appeal the outcome of the original appeal. Details and the link to the secondary appeal are provided to students in the denial email.

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